Bangor Mindful Parenting Scale

This questionnaire is designed to measure mindfulness of in the context of the parenting role. The measure can be used in research or practice as a process measure, especially to examine changes in mindful parenting perhaps as a result of mindfulness-based interventions. The measure is short, and based on the five facets of mindfulness.

The core reference for this scale is:

Jones, L., Hastings, R. P., Totsika, V., Keane, L., & Rhule, N. (2014). Child behavior problems and parental well-being in families of children with autism: The mediating role of mindfulness and acceptance. American Journal on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, 119, 171-185.

Although the instructions for the measure refer to parenting a child with autism (the research context in which we used this scale), the instructions can easily be changed to refer to a child of interest in a research or practice context.

DOWNLOAD a copy of the Bangor Mindful Parenting Scale (Word document)

Also includes scoring information.


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