Measures for staff in developmental disabilities services

Support Staff Values Questionnaire - Intellectual Disability version

Dr Steve Noone and I developed this scale to measure positive staff values towards people with intellectual disability and their work with people with intellectual disability. The key reference for this measure is:

Noone, S. J., & Hastings, R. P. (2011). Values and psychological acceptance as correlates of burnout in support staff working with adults with Intellectual Disabilities. Journal of Mental Health Research in Intellectual Disabilities, 4, 79-89.

The measure is short and is scored simply be summing the scores for each item to give a total. The questionnaire can be used in research and practice projects.

DOWNLOAD the SSVQ-ID (Word version)

Staff Positive Contributions Questionnaire

The SPCQ was designed to measure support staff in developmental disabilities services' positive work experiences. It is important to measure positive as well as negative aspects of work-related perceptions in any research and practice project.

The development of the measure and initial data on psychometric properties are described in:

Hastings, R. P., & Horne, S. (2004). Positive perceptions held by support staff in community mental retardation services. American Journal on Mental Retardation,  109, 53-62.

The scale was derived from the Kansas Inventory of Parental Perceptions Positive Contributions scale:

Behr, S. K., Murphy, D. L., & Summers, J. A. (1992). User’s manual: Kansas Inventory of Parental Perceptions (KIPP). Lawrence, KS: Beach Center on Families and Disability.

These sources should be cited in any publications using the scale.

DOWNLOAD the SPCQ (Word version) 

In 2014, we also published on a short version of the Staff PCQ:

Lunsky, Y., Hastings, R. P., Hensel, J., Arenovich, T., & Dewa, C. (2014). Perceptions of positive contributions and burnout in community developmental disability workers. Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, 52, 249-257. 

DOWNLOAD the Brief version of the SPCQ (Word version)

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